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R & D Center


   As a leading technology enterprise, the Suplet has been working to enhance it's R&D level,  to provide high performance and high reliabe  power supply for the customers who have high requirments.


·Excellent R&D teams:

  Both in Beijing and Shenzhen Suplet has R&D center which brings togerther the
well-known experts all over the country,R&D personnel total more than 200 peaple.

        Beijing R&D Center                  Shenzhen R&D Center


                       R&D Experimental Area


·Advantdge of leading technology:

  To keep the leading technology of Suplet power supply,Our R&D teams following the leading manufacturing technology and design technology about power supply all over the world,and acquired considerable number of the core technology of them. Suplet has total access and apply for 49 patents,which including 20 invention patents.



·Strict design and verification process:

  Before finishing the design of new products ,they must through the electrical performance test、components electrical stress derating、thermal stress derating、thermal imaging analysis、loop stability analysis、EMC testing(including conduction、radiation、surge、EFT electrical fast burst、ESD static、frequency magnetic field、voltage interruption、voltage flicker off、harmonic current test and so on)、safety testing、lighting surge test、 validate and test the reliability of the environment,to ensure full reliability of power supply design。


                            Thermal Imaging Analysis


·Perfect technology standard and technical platform:

  Establish  complete product specifications,covering the circuit、process structure、reliability、electromagnetic compatibility、security and other aspects of design、industry 、national and international standards。


·Advanced research equipments:

  R&D center equipped with programmable AC/DC power supply,programmable electronic load、LCR Precision tester、loop stability analyzer、network/spectrum impedance analyzers、power measurement、infrared thermal imaging devices、duct tester EMI test receiver and other equipment to ensure efficient、scientific、rigorous design。

         EMC Testing                                  Surge Testing