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Copyright Announcement


   In the server ,the copyright of providing information and materials to the public includingtext、grapics、audio、video、software、procedures is retained by Beijing Suplet Power Co., LTD.Any media, websites or individual without our authorization agreement may not be reproduced, links, Posting or by any other means tocopy issued/published the information on this website.  

        The following terms and conditions from the legal will bind you when you visit this site. If you do not agree tothe conditions listed below, please do not use this site or any material that contains the contents of this site. If you use this site, you must agree to the following terms.


1.Content providing statement

  Beijing Suplet Power Co., LTD. does not guarantee the accuracy , adequacy, reliability and completeness of information and materials provided on this website. And we also dose not pledged that there are no errors oromissions related to responsibilities , including but not limited to not infringe rights of third parties, without any kind of virus (express or implied) and so on.


2.Copyright statement

  You agree not to publish 、copy、distribute or broadcast any of the contents of this site to anyone(including companies and organizations) when you without the prior written permission from Beijing Suplet Technology Co.,Ltd., . Beijing Suplet Power Co., Ltd. agree that you can  for personal purposes only on a personal computer display on this site. Any form of unauthorized use of information on this website is deemed unlawful, Beijing Suplet Power Co., Ltd. reserves the the right to legal liability.

  Please don't copy any materials or any content of third parties on this website and copy it to any other server or Internet equipment without written permission from Beijing Suplet Power Co., LTD.

  This site is allowed  be linked to the web site on WWW or the Internet that not controled and maintenance by
Beijing Suplet Power Co., Ltd. You agree that Beijing Suplet Technology Co., Ltd.provides these links only
for your convenience, we are not responsible for the content of these sites.



  Certain areas of this site with password protection (restricted area). If you are an authorized user of these restricted areas, you agree that you are responsible for ensuring your password and account confidential. You agree that you have in the account are fully responsible for anything, including password-protected account under any cost, regardless of whether the cost is your individual behavior.



  Beijing Suplet Power Co., not responsible for any demage and loss you get due to your copying or download information from this website.


5.The interpretation of the announcement and the use of this site reserved by Beijing Suplet Power Co., Ltd. 



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