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Quality Certification


Product Quality Certification 


  ·Our variety of products have passed the TUV、UL、CE、ROHS certifications.
  ·10W  DC-DC series certified to CE and Germany designated certification.
  ·10W、20W、25W DC-DC series and 30W-50W ring generator series are certified to TUV.
  ·50W、75W、100W、150W、200W of half brick series are certified to TUV.
  ·300W、600W of full brick series are certified to TUV.
  ·75W AC-DC power adapters series are certified to TUV-GS and CE.


   LDA10 seriesTUV certificate R50061354   LDA10 series north AmericacTUVus certificate-CU72050823


LDA25 series north America cTUVus certificate-CU72050824-01   LDB series TUV certificate-R50065136


         LRS seriesTUV certificate-R50055619      TUV-LAS75-220S24D GS certificate--S50048710




    For more detailed information about product certification please call the sales man.




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